DIYadoor – New Product Launch

Buying a door kit is a very attractive option for the DIY Enthusiast as it allows you to fit the frame and door yourself.  However, once home you may find that after you have drilled the holes and set up the frame, your pre-hung door is opening in the wrong direction, so what do you do?  You call on Bantry Bespoke Joinery’s new ‘DIYaDoor’.  With this door system, all you need to ask yourself is what width door do you require and what style and finish door suits you best.  The DIYaDoor System is suitable for hanging a door panel either on the left or right hand positions or opening in or out, you decide.  No planing, no sawing required.  Please watch the attached video which shows you exactly how simple this door kit is to assemble.  Please contact us is you would like further information on this new and exciting product. 

(DIYadoor is patent pending so all product attributes and information in this link are protected by Bantry Timber Mouldings T/A Bantry Bespooke Joinery)